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Blackrock Diving School (formerly Midnight Storm) is well-known in Azeroth for its lava diving and survival courses. BDS divers carry the most respected and sought-after scuba credentials in Kalimdor and Easter Kingdoms. The unsurpassed quality of BDS materials and the widespread acceptance of our certification cards lead to an unprecedented expansion of the organization.
With over 30 facilities covering reef diving in Zul Gurub to extreme lava survival in Blackwing Lair, we decided to enter another level (and dimension) and bring the joy of diving to Outlands. BDS Undead Survival courses in Serpentshrine, as well as Black Temple and Mount Hyjal Wildlife Photography tours, became instant hits. Following up on this we've enjoyed exploring the sewage in Naxxramas, skinny dipping in Yoggies pool, cave diving below the tournament and guild parties in Arthas' hottub.

Join us in expanding our experiences during Cataclysm!

Who we are and what we want

Blackrock Diving School, much like its precedessor Midnight Storm, is based on an idea of carefully selecting members not only in respect of their raiding skills, but also on the basis of their social spirit and willingness to be a part of a community, instead of just another raiding guild. That means that in addition to raiding rules we have a Social Code that members have to sign. Still, we consider ourselves a raiding guild, not a social one, and progress is defininitely something that we plan to maintain. After all, we have been raiding four times a week for more than a three years now, it is in our biological clock now. ;-)

Do you have what it takes to be a Diver? If so, you might find a new home here.

Moominir, Dive Instructor of Blackrock Diving School


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Once upon a time you totally wanted to join Blackrock Diving School, but you didn't. That was so lame. Then you realised you could still join Blackrock Diving School and experience many wonderful things!

Such as our own mumble server where you can listen to the raid leaders deep sultry voice explaining that fire is bad.

When you need that gear enchanted, you would just ask the guild bank.

When you need that flask in the raid, you would just take one from the cauldron.

When you wanted a banquet in the raid, you would just bloody well eat it or that raid leader starts with addon spam.

When you wanted potions, you would just use your free ones from the guild bank.

When your gear got busted, you would just repair it courtesy of the guild bank.

When you requested that non-stackable item from the guildbank, you would receive it gift wrapped.

Did I mention we have a guild bank?

When you finally figured out the complex mathematics behind our EPGP-loot system, you would be decked out in epics.

So sign up now at our forum.

Blackrock Diving School - We Recruit Gnomes Too

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